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Male Intimate Waxing

Male intimate waxing is often considered as a painful process by most of the men and to avoid it, they opt for methods like trimming and shaving. But with the world-class Brazilian and Hollywood Waxing Treatment in London brought to you by Jimmy Bodur, this would be the last thing you’ll have to worry about. With an immense amount of experience, he is trained by the Wax Queen Kim Lawless, he uses the latest waxing techniques that are not just painless and fast but also the perfect kind of waxing you’d want to go for.

Using the products from the top brands like Perron Rigot, you can be sure that the Brazilian Waxing Treatment in London would be exactly the way you expect. Keeping in mind the international standards, we provide the best waxing solutions in the most hygienic manner. We offer a variety of intimate waxing for your butt, sack, and the crack or anything that you need be as well.

Pre Waxing(preparation for waxing):

  • Please don’t go to gym or any sports activity 3 hours before waxing treatment, waxing area has to be calm and avoid any sweat activity.
  • Please don’t trim or shave waxing area.

Post Waxing:

  • Please don’t go to shower 24 hours after waxing (first shower must be a cold or warm shower)
  • Please do not wear perfume for at least first 24 hours.
  • Please don’t go to gym or any sports activity for first 48 hours.
  • Please exfoliate your skin once a week with gloves or sponge to avoid ingrown hair.
  • Please apply the hydrating cream once or twice a week to keep yourself away from dry skin.


Male intimate body waxing price list


Male Crack Waxing £20.00
Male Crack And Butt Cheek Waxing £30.00
Male Front Only :Penis, Scrotum removed Pubic triangle removed or trimmed £30.00
Male Braziliain Waxing :Male Crack ,Penis, Scrotum removed, Pubic Triangle Trimmed (No Butt Cheek Removed £45.00
Male Braziliain Waxing :Male Crack ,Butt Cheek , Penis, Scrotum removed, Pubic Triangle Trimmed £50.00
Male Holywood Waxing :Male Crack ,Butt Cheek , Penis, Scrotum , Pubic Triangle Removed £60.00
Male Back Neck Shoulders And Butt Cheek Crack Waxing £65.00
Male Back Neck Shoulders And Brazilian Or Hollywood Waxing £80.00
Male Chest and abdomen and Brazilian or Hollywood waxing £80.00
Male Full legs , feet , toes and Butt Cheek Crack Waxing £75.00
Male Full Legs Feet Toes And Braziliain or Hollywood Waxing £95.00
Male Full Back Brazilian Waxing And Chest Abdomen Trimming £95.00
Male Full Back , Chest Abdomen And Brazilian or Hollywood Waxing £115.00
We are carring All Male intimate waxing with hot wax and Male Therapist
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