Everything You Should Know About the Electrolysis Hair Removal Treatment

Body hair removal is not a prime concern only for the women but for men as well these days. Although there are many options like male body waxing in London that the men consider, different men have different preferences. Some men like to visit salon for their male intimate waxing while the others simply want a permanent solution to it.

One such option that can help the men get rid of their hair is the electrolysis hair removal in London. This is a process through which the each hair strand is removed individually. The main concept behind it is to destroy the centre from where the hair grows so that the growth is permanently terminated. This can be done with the help of heat, chemical or both. Once this is done, the tweezers are used to pluck out the hair that has already grown.

Since there are no side effects you can easily use this at place of male intimate waxing as well. Different people have different types of hair growth and therefore one needs to take a few sittings for the electrolysis treatment to get rid of the hair completely. In general some six to eight sittings are sufficient to get rid of the hair permanently. These sittings are organized once in a week or a fortnight.

Since this is a relatively newer concept, there are a few prevalent myths about the same that one should know of but not get confused with. Many people believe that this is a very painful process but that is not the case. Since it is done by expert technicians, the process is tried and tested. They apply anaesthetic creams before beginning the process to make sure that the pain is minimal. You won’t feel anything more than tingling on your skin.

You would come across a myth that says that this is not a permanent solution and is only hair removal. However the truth is that it is completely permanent and once your desired sittings are done, you won’t have to worry about your hair growth at all.

Keeping in mind all the advantages, you should meet a specialist in London who provides this treatment.