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What is a back, neck and shoulder massage and what are the benefits?

The back, neck and shoulder massage is a treatment that includes the massage of only the back, neck and shoulder areas.

 This treatment is a great substitute for a full body massage if you really need a bit of work done and don’t have a lot of time to spare. This service is an excellent one to choose if you are trying a new therapist, have a pinched nerve or pain in your neck or back from sleeping wrong, a day of gardening, hauling your luggage, etc.

What to expect

The back, neck and shoulder massage is usually only 30 minutes and may be booked as a stand alone treatment or added to another treatment for additional time and focus on these areas. This treatment may be a relaxing Swedish massage or a more therapeutic massage such as deep tissue, depending on your pressure preference and why you have chosen it.

Note: If you are suffering in specific areas, discuss this with the therapist prior to commencing treatment for best use of the available time.

You will disrobe for this massage, at least to the waist, and lay on the table under the covers. You may be asked to start either face up or face down, depending on the therapist’s approach and technique.

The therapist will return to the room and begin to work the back, neck and shoulders, giving special attention to any areas within this region that you have specified. Let them know if the pressure is comfortable, even if they do not inquire, and especially if it is uncomfortable.

Time will fly with this service, so don’t be surprised if when it is over it seems as though they had just begun!

After your back, neck and shoulder massage and how often to have one

This is such an excellent way to help keep the body’s stress level reduced that squeezing it in whenever you can is a great idea. For those always on the go, these mini services (including the chair massage) that concentrate on the most intense areas of the body are fantastic pick-me-ups and truly allow for immediate rejuvenation of the system.

Although it is a short treatment, do drink plenty of water afterward and try to maintain a relaxing schedule for at least the next several hours.

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